Frequently Asked Questions

This is an environment for people that work or just like Drupal and want to test their knowledge or compete with others.
Every 3 months (quarter) a new test will be published. Every test will be proposed for 3 levels of complexity: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.
You can take a test as many time as you want, but consider that if you want to improve your average score you have to perform always better and in the short time possible.
Our score calculation is made with an algorithm that take count of the attempts and the time spent for each test.
There will be a classification for every quarter and every level and these scores will contribute to the global classification.

The test can be repeated as many time as you want, but consider that you have to perform always better in order to increase your score. Always better in terms of right answers and time spent.

We consider useful ordering the ranking list according to the time elapsed, the score obtained for the actual test and the previous ones. For this purpose we are using a rearrangement of the mathematical model for the euclidean distance. So it's not about the evaluation itself, we give importance to your speed and your history of tests.
About the time spent to finish the tests, yes we know that this website is not very fast as we don't have big resources for this no profit entertaining and educational environment. But consider that the slowness is the same for everyone, so doesn't affect only to specific testers.

As you can see the fast you are the more ranking point you earn, the same is with the score evaluation, but you must consider the negative contribute given by your previous tests in the final piece of the formula. The loss is greater as much you repeat the test because the test never change and every time you repeat it you already know the questions. We order the list starting from the higher value down to the lower.

Due to high traffic our ranking is updated with cron procedures, so it's possible that you don't see your ranking changed just after completing a test.
In My Grades and Ranking pages there is a label reporting the date and time (GMT) of the last ranking update.

You can report it by the form that you find at BUG REPORT

We give the possibility to go back on the previous questions if, before finishing the test, you realize that you could answer in a different way.
But every time you start a new test or when you go back the questions can have a different order, this is to avoid that people answer the questions without really reading them (e.g. the right answer of the 1Q 2012 Beginner third question is ....... ).

This is a new version of a small Facebook application that was quite successful.
Even if this new environment is not related to Facebook we want to keep it as a Facebook App in order to assure continuity to people using it.
We are trying a way to offer also Twitter and Linkedin connection, but at now the standards are still misaligned and we are working on it.